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About Saskatoon Asphalt Paving

Saskatoon Asphalt Paving is a locally owned business that was founded in 2013 by the owner with over 30 years of experience in the industry.
The firm started with two dedicated employees in Saskatoon, specializing in asphalt paving, repairs to commercial parking lots. Since then, Saskatoon Asphalt Paving has expanded to serve all of Saskatchewan.  
We offer a full suite of services – from new construction, including layout, excavation, compaction, base course, to crack and joint sealing, seal coating, pothole and sinkhole repair, asphalt overlays and resurfacing. Regina Asphalt experienced crews can successfully pave and repair pathways, shoulders, driveways, parking lots, roadways, city approaches and sports courts.


Our vision is to be the best provider of paving services
for residential, commercial and municipal customers
and employer of choice.


Our mission is to satisfy our clients through excellent
service, integrated solutions, and the highest quality.
We are focused on long-term relationships with
clients delivering our promises.

Just a Few of Our Happy Clients